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Superhero in a Digital World


I am Avni, SuperAvni

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While a lot of things about me are still unknown, this is what I know.

They say I am a Next-Gen Superhero who combines empathy and technology to fight such modern-day challenges.

My mother is stuck on another planet and I need to bring her back someday!

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My Life

My friends and my college is what I live for. I recently saw a Spiderman movie where he says 'with great power, comes great responsibility'. That dude doesn't know what he is talking about. I think with great power comes great tension. 

With what's going on in the world lately, this power is what has kept me going. I need to summon SuperAvni, to overcome the modern roadblocks with invisible challenes...


Read the Latest Story Today: SuperAvni & the Invisible Challenge

A must-read comic book about SuperAvni, a young superhero, who handles the challenge of cyber bullying in this story. If you have not read it yet, you are missing something! SuperAvni is a next-gen superhero who combines empathy and technology to fight modern-day challenges. She is a social impact influencer and a rebel that youth can relate to. SuperAvni's alter ego, Maya, is just like any other college-going youth. She sees around her the youth's usual challenges, ranging from bullying and career anxiety to broader issues such as environment and gender inequality. But she summons her inner superhero, SuperAvni, to overcome these roadblocks.

The pandemic has changed the world in more ways than we can imagine. While the cyber world has come to the rescue of many, its challenges and complexities have also magnified. This is resulting in a severe impact on our mental health. This is where SuperAvni shows up with her support! She is an empathetic superhero who helps the youth in addressing the complex issues of the cyber world one at a time. SuperAvni aims to spread awareness about the myriad safety and well-being issues prevalent in the cyber world while ensuring that no individual is alone in this journey.

SuperAvni might be a superhero, but just like each one of us, she has a vulnerable aspect to her. Every time she uses next-gen empathy to connect with someone and feel their emotions, she is left drained. Her energy level falls drastically, and there is just one way she can regain her strength…food and music!


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